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A35SS Framing Anchor Ostock SOLD OUT

A35SS Framing Anchor Ostock SOLD OUT
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A35SS Framing Anchor Ostock

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The larger LTP5 spans subfloor at the top of the blocking or rim joist. The embossments enhance performance and the min/max nailing option allows for design flexibility.

The LTP4 Lateral Tie Plate transfers shear forces for top plate-to-rim joist or blocking connections. Nail holes are spaced to prevent wood splitting for single and double top plate applications. May be installed over plywood sheathing.

The A35 anchor's exclusive bending slot allows instant, accurate field bends for all two- and three-way ties. Balanced, completely reversible design permits the A35 to secure a great variety of connections.

Material: LTP4/LTP5 - 20 gauge; all others - 18 gauge

Finish: Galvanized. Some products available in stainless steel or ZMAX® coating; see Corrosion Information.


Use all specified fasteners. See General Notes. A34 - Use 8 - 8dx1 1/2" nails. A35 - Use 12 - 8dx1 1/2" nails. A35 - Use 9 - 8dx1 1/2" nails for connection types A1, E, C1. A35 - Bend one time only. LTP4 - Use 12 - 8dx1 1/2" nails. LTP5 - Use 12 - 8dx1 1/2" nails; G Max use 14 - 8dx1 1/2" nails.