STB2-50334 Strong Bolt (Box of 25pcs)

STB2-50334 Strong Bolt (Box of 25pcs)
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STB2-50334 Strong Bolt (Box of 25pcs)
*For further description please see Simpson Strong-Tie Anchoring and Fastening Systems Catalog.

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STRONG-BOLT™ 2Wedge Anchor for Cracked and Uncracked Concrete

The Strong-Bolt™ 2 wedge anchor is the next-generation solution for cracked and uncracked concrete. Following rigorous testing according to ICC-ES acceptance criteria, the Strong-Bolt™ 2 anchor received classification as a Category 1 anchor, the highest attainable anchor category for performance in cracked concrete under static and seismic loading. It is code-listed by ICC-ES under the 2009 IBC requirements for post-installed anchors in cracked and uncracked concrete.

Available in the popular 3/8" diameter, the Strong-Bolt 2 anchor is ideal for MEP applications in cracked concrete, such as hanging pipes, struts, equipment anchorage and other fixtures overhead. The anchor is also effective for lightweight- concrete applications, including concrete-over-metal decking.

The Strong-Bolt 2 wedge anchor in type 316 stainless steel also offers optimum performance in both cracked and uncracked concrete, meeting 2009 IBC standards for post-installed anchors. This wedge anchor is ideal for corrosive environments, including construction in coastal areas, wastewater and sewage treatment facilities, food processing facilities, pulp and paper mills, and other high-exposure environments.


STB2 3/8"- diameter in carbon steel, stainless steel: first quarter 2011

STB2 1/2"- and 5/8"-diameter in carbon steel: second quarter 2011


■Category 1 anchor classification: The Strong-Bolt™ 2 anchor received classification as a Category 1 anchor, which is established by performance in reliability tests in accordance with ICC-ES's AC193 and ACI 355.2 test criteria. Category 1 is the highest attainable anchor category for reliability ■Tri-segmented clip: Each segment adjusts independently, increasing follow-up expansion should the hole increase in size as a result of a crack ■Dual embossments on each clip segment: Enables the clip to undercut into the concrete, thereby increasing follow-up expansion should a crack occur ■The only 3/8"-diameter anchor solution approved for shallow embedment in cracked concrete: Strong-Bolt™ 2 anchor can be installed in cracked concrete with a minimum thickness of 3 1/4", including concrete over metal decking ■High-strength alloy clip on carbon-steel anchors: This special alloy clip offers improved performance ■Standard (ANSI) fractional anchor: Fits most fixtures and installs with common drill bit sizes and tools ■Installs like a standard wedge anchor: No complicated installation procedure, no need for special bits or installation tools ■Easy post-installation identification: The head is stamped with Simpson Strong-Tie® "No-Equal" symbol and a letter for length identification ■Type 316 stainless steel clip on stainless steel anchors: In addition to superior corrosion resistance, a stainless steel clip offers "memory" that contributes to the anchor's performance if the hole increases in size because of a crack ■ Code listed: Both carbon-steel and stainless-steel anchors are code-listed by ICC-ES ESR-3037


Carbon-steel stud with alloy clip; stainless-steel stud with stainless-steel clip (3/8" diameter only)


Zinc-plated (carbon-steel) Type 316 Stainless Steel


■ICC-ES ESR-3037 (PDF) (carbon and stainless steel); cracked and uncracked concrete ■IAPMO ES ER-240 (PDF) (carbon steel in CMU) ■City of Los Angeles RR 25891 (PDF) ■UL – pending ■State of Florida – pending

The load tables list values based upon results from the most recent testing and may not reflect those in current code reports. Where code jurisdictions apply, consult the current reports for applicable load values.


The Strong-Bolt™ 2 wedge anchor has been tested in accordance with the ICC-ES's Acceptance Criteria for Mechanical Anchors in Concrete Elements (AC193) and ACI 355.2 for the following: ■Static tension and shear loading in cracked and uncracked concrete ■Seismic and wind loading in cracked and uncracked concrete ■Performance in cracked concrete ■Performance in lightweight concrete over metal deck