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ABU46SS Adjustable Post Base

ABU46SS Adjustable Post Base
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ABU46SS Adjustable Post Base
ABU46SS Adjustable Post Base

The AB series of retrofit adjustable post bases provide a 1" standoff for the post, are slotted for adjustability and can be installed with nails, Strong-Drive® SD Connector screws or bolts (ABU). Depending on the application needs, these adjustable standoff post bases are designed for versatility, cost-effectiveness and maximum uplift performance.

Key Features

The slot in the base enables flexible positioning around the anchor bolt, making precise post placement easier

The 1" standoff helps prevent rot at the end of the post and meets code requirements for structural posts installed in basements or exposed to weather or water splash


Varies (see model table)


All galvanized, most offered in ZMAX® coating. See Corrosion Information.


View step-by-step installation instructions in the Installer's Pocket Guide (S-C-INSTALL).