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CSC Ceiling Support Clip

CSC Ceiling Support Clip
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CSC Ceiling Support Clip
CSC Ceiling Support Clip

Provides 1" separation between the furring channel and joist to allow for the use of Thermafiber insulation and the attachment of the furring channel to all joists. Provides an efficient sound barrier, and a one-hour UL-listed fire rating.

UL-listed. See Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. Design No. L530 for USG gypsum board and Weyerhaeuser/TJI joists.

Check ICC-ES reports for individual I-joist manufacturer approvals.


24 gauge (minimum)




For CSC, use (1) 0.131" x 1 1/2" nail

For FSS, use #8 self-tapping steel screw (not provided) into channel, twist 90, bend upward and fasten to the side of joist bottom flange with screw or nail