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DPT7Z Deck Post Tie

DPT7Z Deck Post Tie
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DPT7Z Deck Post Tie
DPT7Z Deck Post Tie

DPTZ Deck Post Tie

The DPTZ Deck Post Tie products are used to attach 2x4 (DPT5Z) or 4x4 (DPT7Z) vertical posts to the side of stringers, rims or other wood members.

Material: 14 gauge

Finish: ZMAX coating; see Corrosion Information.


Use specified HDG fasteners. See General Notes.

Install in pairs.

Install with two 3/8" through bolts into side member and 5-10dx1 1/2 to post for DPT5Z or 5-10d for DPT7Z.

Some products may be installed with the Strong-Drive SD Structural Connector screws.