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EWS6210P Opti Mesh Epoxy Tie Screen Tube - Plastic

EWS6210P Opti Mesh Epoxy Tie Screen Tube - Plastic
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EWS6210P Opti Mesh Epoxy Tie Screen Tube - Plastic
EWS6210P Opti Mesh Epoxy Tie Screen Tube - Plastic

Screen tubes are vital to the performance of adhesive anchors in base materials that are hollow or contain voids, such as hollow block and brick. The Simpson Strong-Tie Opti-Mesh screen tube with woven mesh insert provides the advantages of a plastic screen tube while providing superior performance to steel screen tubes and competitive plastic screen tubes.

Key Features:

Integral Cap: Serves to center and secure the rod in the screen tube, while displaying important information such as rod diameter, drill bit diameter and the Simpson Strong-Tie no equal symbol for easy inspection after installation. The cap also prevents adhesive from running out the front of the screen tube.

Flanges: Prevent the screen tube from slipping into over-drilled holes. Allow screen tube to function in holes that are drilled too deep.

Open-Mesh Collar: This section of larger mesh allows extra adhesive to flow out the screen tube behind the face shell of hollow block applications. The extra “collar” of adhesive increases bearing area and results in higher load capacities in hollow concrete block.

Color-Coded, Formula-Specific Mesh: The openings between the woven mesh screen tube strands are sized to allow only the right amount of adhesive to flow through the screen tube to bond with the base material while the balance remains in the screen to bond the rod. The acrylic screen tube mesh is white, while the epoxy screen tube mesh is black.




Screen tubes are designed for a specific adhesive type. Epoxy screen tubes must be used with SET-XP, and acrylic adhesive screen tubes must be used with AT.