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H10A-2 Hurricane Tie

H10A-2 Hurricane Tie
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H10A-2 Hurricane Tie
H10A-2 Hurricane Tie

H/TSP Seismic and Hurricane Ties

The Hurricane Tie series features various configurations of wind and seismic ties for trusses and rafters.

The TSP stud plate tie has now been tested in the top-plate-to-rafter connection.

The H2A features an improved design and higher uplift loads to replace the H2. The H10A has a similar design as the H10 but offers higher uplift capacity. The H10S provides a high capacity connection from truss/rafter to stud.

The H2.5T's truncated design was developed to accommodate trusses with 2x4 bottom chords. The easy to install, five nail pattern is stronger and gets better uplift loads than our popular H2.5 hurricane tie. H1, H10, H10S, H10-2, H11Z and H14 have also been rated for download to provide additional bearing capacity between the truss and wall.

The H16 series has a presloped seat of 5/12 for double trusses.

The presloped 5/12 seat of the H16 provides for a tight fit and reduced deflection. The strap length provides for various truss height up to a maximum of 13 1/2" (H16 series). Minimum heel height for H16 series is 4".

The HGA10 attaches to gable trusses and provides good lateral wind resistance. The HS24 attaches the bottom chord of a truss or rafter at pitches from 0/12 to 4/12 to double 2x4 top plates. Double shear nailing allows for higher lateral resistance.

H2 Discontinued in 2011

H2 Hurricane Ties are being discontinued in 2011. Simpson Strong-Tie recommends substituting H2A. See information on the H2A below.

Material: See tables.

Finish: Galvanized. H7Z and H11Z—ZMAX® coating. Some models available in stainless steel or ZMAX® coating; See Corrosion Information.