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MMH8 Hurricane Tie

MMH8 Hurricane Tie
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MMH8 Hurricane Tie
MMH8 Hurricane Tie

The versatile MMH8 line of connectors provides uplift resistance for roof trusses and rafters for factory-built structures. The nailing grids in the MMH8 replace traditional nail holes allowing for faster installation of power-driven nails. The MMH8 nailing grids also permit multiple nailing pattern options to enable value engineering for different load levels. Connectors have been evaluated with and without 5/8" bearing strips.


18 gauge


Galvanized (G90)


Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.

Hurricane ties do not replace solid blocking.

When installing ties on plated trusses (on the side opposite the truss plate) do not fasten through the truss plate from behind. This can force the truss plate off of the truss and compromise truss performance.

MMH8 nails must be installed with a power nailer. Full face and eye protection is required. Extreme caution is required when driving nails through the MMH8. To prevent ricochet, drive nails straight through the nailing grid. Follow all safety instructions for the nail tool. Adjust the nail drive by setting the depth-of-drive on the nailer tool so that nail heads are driven into contact with the hanger. Do not over-drive nails, which are indicated by the tops of the nail heads driven below the top surface of the metal connector.

MMH8 nails must have a minimum 1/2" center-to-center spacing in the same nailing grid and not split the wood. The square nailing grid must contain a minimum of three nails, and a maximum of five nails. In order for the 1/2" spacing requirement to be met with five nails in the square nailing grid, nails shall be positioned at the four corners of the grid, with the fifth nail positioned in the center of the grid.


Testing performed in accordance with ICC-ES AC-13