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MSTA24 Strap Tie

MSTA24 Strap Tie
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MSTA24 Strap Tie
MSTA24 Strap Tie


Straps are designed to transfer tension loads in a wide variety of applications.

HRS - A 12 gauge strap with a nailing pattern designed for installation on the edge of 2x members. The HRS416Z installs with Simpson Strong-Tie® Strong Drive® SDS screws.

LSTA and MSTA - Designed for use on the edge of 2x members, with a nailing pattern that reduces the potential for splitting.

LSTI - Light straps that are suitable where pneumatic-nailing is necessary through diaphragm decking and wood chord open web trusses.

MST - Splitting may be a problem with installations on lumber smaller than 3 1/2"; either fill every nail hole with 10dx1 1/2" nails or fill every-other hole with 16d common nails. Reduce the allowable load based upon the size and quantity of fasteners used.

MSTC - High Capacity strap which utilizes a staggered nail pattern to help minimize wood splitting. Nail slots have been countersunk to provide a lower nail head profile.

Finish: PS—HDG; HST3 and HST6—Simpson Strong-Tie® gray paint; all others—galvanized. Some products are available in stainless steel or ZMAX® coating; see Corrosion Information.

Installation: Use all specified fasteners. See General Notes.

Some products may be installed with the Strong-Drive® SD Structural Connector screw - click here for details

Options: Special sizes can be made to order. Contact Simpson Strong-Tie.

Codes: MSTC and RPS meet code requirements for reinforcing cut members (16 gauge) at top plate and RPS at sill plate. International Residential Code®- 2000/2006 R602.6.1 International Building Code®- 2000/2006 2308.9.8