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N8 - 8d. x 1-1/2" Nails (50lb. Carton)

N8 - 8d. x 1-1/2" Nails (50lb. Carton)
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N8 - 8d. x 1-1/2" Nails (50lb. Carton)
N8 - 8d. x 1-1/2" Nails

Approximate Nails Per Pound: 152 pcs

Nail Types:

Nail Types and Sizes Specified for Simpson Strong-TieŽ connectors

Many Simpson Strong-Tie connectors have been designed and tested for use with specific types and sizes of nails. The specified quantity, type and size of nail must be installed in the correct holes on the connector to achieve published loads. Other factors such as nail material and finish are also important. Incorrect fastener selection or installation can compromise connector performance and could lead to failure.

Nail Design Information:

In some cases it is desirable to install Simpson Strong-Tie face mount joist hangers and straight straps with nails that are a different type or size than what is called out in the load table. In these cases these reduction factors must be applied to the allowable loads listed for the connector.

Simpson Strong-TieŽ Nails:

Simpson Strong-Tie nails and structural fasteners have been developed as the optimum fasteners for connector products. Special lengths afford economy of purchase and installation, and depth compatibility with framing members. For pneumatic nail use, see Instructions to the Installer.