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SBV Shelf Bracket

SBV Shelf Bracket
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SBV Shelf Bracket
SBV Shelf Bracket

Use the SBV for shelving, counter brackets and window ledge supports, at a very competitive price.

The CF-R is used where a moderate-size shelf bracket and reinforcing angle is needed. When used for tilt-up perimeter forming, the nail hole placement ensures substantial reuse.


16 gauge




Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.

SBV — reversible for nominal 10" or 12" shelves of any thickness.

CF-R (Retail Pack) — recommended spacing is 36" for 2x's and 18" for 1x's. Use the 5" leg for 6" lumber and the 6" leg for 8" lumber. Holes are sized for 1/4" fasteners or 0.148"-diameter nails or #9 Strong-Drive SD Connector screws.