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S/H3 Hurricane Tie (2pcs / 1pair)

S/H3 Hurricane Tie (2pcs / 1pair)
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S/H3 Hurricane Tie (2pcs / 1pair)
S/H3 Hurricane Tie

Per Simpson Strong Tie 2011 Catalog: This Model must be installed in a pair

This product is priced for 2pcs/1pair

Designed to provide seismic and wind ties for trusses or joists, this versatile line may be used for general tie purposes, strongback attachments, and as all-purpose ties where one member crosses another.


See table


Galvanized (G90)


Use all specified fasteners

The S/H1 can be installed with flanges facing outwards (reverse of illustration 1) when installed inside a wall for truss applications

Hurricane ties do not replace solid blocking

S/H2.5, S/H3 and H6 ties are only shipped in equal quantities of rights and lefts