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AT-XP30 Fast-Curing Anchoring Adhesive

AT-XP30 Fast-Curing Anchoring Adhesive
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AT-XP30 Fast-Curing Anchoring Adhesive
AT-XP30 Fast-Curing Anchoring Adhesive

Formulated for high-strength anchorage of threaded rod and rebar into cracked and uncracked concrete and masonry under a wide range of conditions, AT-XP adhesive dispenses easily in cold or warm environments and in below-freezing temperatures with no need to warm the cartridge. When mixed properly, this low-odor formula is a dark teal color for easy post-installation identification.

Key Features:

Passed the demanding ICC-ES AC308 adverse-condition tests pertaining to reduced and elevated temperatures and long-term sustained loads

Code listed under the IBC/IRC for cracked and uncracked concrete per IAPMO UES ER-263 and City of L.A. RR25960

Code listed under the IBC/IRC for masonry per IAPMO UES ER-281 and City of L.A. RR25966

AT-XP is code listed for installation with the Speed Clean DXS system without any further cleaning (AT-XP: IAPMO-UES ER-263)

10:1 two-component high-strength, acrylic-based anchoring adhesive

Suitable for use under static and seismic loading conditions in cracked and uncracked concrete as well as masonry

Easy hole-cleaning procedure no power-brushing required

Suitable for use in dry or water-saturated concrete

For best results, store between 14F (10C) and 80F (27C)

Cures in substrate temperatures as low as 14F (10C) in 24 hours or less

Available in 9.4 oz., 12.5 oz. and 30 oz. cartridges for application versatility

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) 30 g/L

Manufactured in the USA using global materials


Concrete: Cracked

Concrete Block: Grouted

Concrete Block: Hollow (Ungrouted)

Seismic (New Construction)

Seismic Retrofit

Water / Wastewater Facilities