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BPRTUD5-6C Bearing Plate

BPRTUD5-6C Bearing Plate
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BPRTUD5-6C Bearing Plate
BPRTUD5-6C Bearing Plate

The RTUD ratcheting take-up device is a cost-effective shrinkage compensation solution for continuous rod systems. The RTUD is threaded rod diameter specific and allows for unlimited shrinkage. The RTUD should be hand installed until the base of the device fully bears on top of the BPRTUD. Once the fastener holes are aligned and the RTUD is flush, install the Strong-Drive® fasteners. Once the RTUD is installed, a series of internal threaded wedges enable the device to ratchet down the rod as the wood structure shrinks, but engage the rod in the reverse direction when under tensile loading. Continuous engagement is maintained on the rod at all times by the take-up device, enabling the rod system to perform as designed from the time of installation.

Key Features

Maintains rod-system tightness, allowing it to perform as designed

Pass-through design provides unlimited shrinkage compensation

Available for 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" and 3/4" diameter threaded rod

Very minimal force required to allow rod to pass through take-up device to mitigate rod buckling during wood shrinkage




RTUD — Corrosion-resistant finish; BPRTUD — None