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CILV32 Low-Viscosity Structural Injection Epoxy

CILV32 Low-Viscosity Structural Injection Epoxy
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CILV32 Low-Viscosity Structural Injection Epoxy
CILV32 Low-Viscosity Structural Injection Epoxy

CI-LV Low-Viscosity Structural Injection Epoxy is a two-component, high-modulus, high-solids, moisture-tolerant epoxy specially designed for pressure injection, gravity feeding and flood coat filling of concrete cracks and for increasing the bond between freshly placed repair mortars or concrete mixes and existing concrete when substrate temperatures are between 40°F (4°C)–90°F (32°C). Available in 3-gallon bulk kits or convenient side-by-side cartridges dispensed through a static mixing nozzle using either a manual or pneumatic dispensing tool. This product is NSF-listed safe for potable water. Please refer to the NSF listing for the NSF 61-listed application.

Key Features

Meets the requirements of ASTM C881 & AASHTO M235, Type I/II, Grade 1, Class B and ASTM C881 & AASHTO M235, Type I/IV and II/V, Grade 1, Class C.

Approved under NSF/ANSI Standard 61 (1.22cm^2/L.

Chemically bonds with the concrete to provide a structural repair. CI-LV seals the crack from moisture, protecting rebar in the concrete from corrosion.

Moisture-tolerant, can be used on dry and damp surfaces.

Low surface tension allows the material to effectively penetrate narrow cracks

Formulated for maximum penetration under pressure.

Suitable for pressure injection or gravity-feed applications.

Non-shrink and resistant to oils, salts and mild chemicals.

Can be used with metered pressure-injection equipment.

Freeze-thaw resistant.


Pressure-injection of cracks in structural concrete

Gravity-feed and flood coat of cracks in horizontal concrete

As a low-viscosity epoxy (350 cP) for repair of hairline cracks (0.002") and cracks up to 1/4" (6 mm) in width

For structural repairs

To bond new concrete or repair mortars to existing concrete

For underwater pressure-injection applications