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GHD48-_ Girder Saddle Hanger (Choose Hanger)

GHD48-_ Girder Saddle Hanger (Choose Hanger)
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GHD48-_ Girder Saddle Hanger (Choose Hanger)
GHD48-6 GHD48-8 Girder Saddle Hanger

A girder-to-foundation wall connection.


12 gauge


Simpson Strong-Tie Gray Paint


Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.

Insert four 0.162" x 3 1/2" nails into girder.

H = girder height mudsill thickness. Measurement is from the bottom of the top flange to the top of the seat.

1 1/2" clearance hole accommodates rebar or anchor. This is not required.


GH hangers may be skewed to a maximum of 45; bevel cut required. The allowable loads are 100% of the table load. Specify GHD for saddle-style hangers. GHD may not be skewed.