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HGLT8 Glulam Beam Hanger

HGLT8 Glulam Beam Hanger
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HGLT8 Glulam Beam Hanger
HGLT8 Glulam Beam Hanger (Fixed W=7.5000)

Product Details

The HGLT is designed to accommodate typical structural requirements for glulam beams. The Funnel Flange™ feature of this top-flange hanger allows for easy installation of beams. The HGLT installs with heavy N54 ring-shank nails specifically created for glulam or heavy timber.

Key Features

N54 ring-shank nails included

Easy installation with Funnel Flange

Not acceptable for nailer applications


3 ga. top flange; 7 ga. stirrup


Simpson Strong-Tie gray paint. Hot-dip galvanized is available; specify HDG.