MAB15 Mudsill Anchor (Carton of 50pcs)

MAB15 Mudsill Anchor (Carton of 50pcs)
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MAB15 Mudsill Anchor (Carton of 50pcs)
MAB15 Mudsill Anchor

Mudsill anchors provide an alternative to anchor bolts. They easily mount on forms and make finishing easier. The unique design provides installation flexibility, eliminating problems with misplaced anchor bolts. Suitable for stemwall or slab foundations, mudsill anchors are one piece so there are no more nuts and washers to lose.

LMAZ an economical replacement for 1/2" sill plate anchor bolts MAB/MASB anchors mudsill to concrete block, poured walls or slab foundations


LMAZ, MAB 18 gauge; MASB 16 gauge


Galvanized (G90)


Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes.


CMU shall have a minimum f'm = 1,500 psi and concrete shall have a minimum f'c = 2,000 psi.

Not for use where a horizontal cold joint exists between the slab and foundation wall or footing beneath, unless provisions are made to transfer the load.

Not for use in slabs poured over foundation walls formed of concrete block or with brick and 4" masonry block stemwalls.


Fill CMU cell with concrete grout first, then place MASB into the grouted cell and adjust into position. Attach mudsill to anchor only after the concrete grout cures.

CMU shall have a minimum f'm = 1,500 psi.

The MASB mudsill anchors were tested in standard 8" CMU.