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MBHA5.50/11.25 Masonry Hanger

MBHA5.50/11.25 Masonry Hanger
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MBHA5.50/11.25 Masonry Hanger
MBHA5.50/11.25 MBHAL5.50/11.25 MBHAR5.50/11.25 Masonry Hanger

The MBHA is a single piece, non-welded connector available for solid sawn, truss and engineered wood products.


10 gauge


Galvanized (G90)


Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes


Seat can be skewed at 45° only. The maximum allowable download is 3,495 lb. and 1,585 lb. uplift for height 7 1/4". For all other models, use the table listed download and uplift of 2,390 lb. Order MBHAR for skew right and MBHAL for skew left.