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PAB6-30 Pre-Assembled Anchor Bolt

PAB6-30 Pre-Assembled Anchor Bolt
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PAB6-30 Pre-Assembled Anchor Bolt
PAB6-30 Pre-Assembled Anchor Bolt

The PAB anchor bolt is a versatile cast-in-place anchor bolt ideal for high-tension-load applications, such as rod systems and shearwalls. It features a plate washer at the embedded end sandwiched between two fixed hex nuts and a head stamp for easy identification after the pour.

Available in diameters from 1/2" to 1 1/4" in lengths from 12" to 36" (in 6" increments)

Available in standard and high-strength steel

Head stamp contains the No Equal sign, diameter designation and an "H" on high-strength rods


Standard Steel — ASTM F1554 Grade 36, A36 or A307; Fu = 58 ksi

High-Strength Steel (up to 1" dia.) — ASTM A449; Fu = 120 ksi

High-Strength Steel (1 1/8" and 1 1/4" dia.) – ASTM A193 B7 or F1554 Grade 105; Fu = 125 ksi




On HDG PABs, chase the threads to use standard nuts or couplers or use overtapped products in accordance with ASTM A563; for example, Simpson Strong-Tie® NUT5/8-OST, NUT7/8-OST, CNW5/8-OST, CNW7/8-OST. Some OST couplers are typically oversized on one end of the coupler nut only and will be marked with an "O" on oversized side. Couplers may be oversized on both ends. Contact Simpson Strong-Tie.

Ordering Information:

When calling out PAB anchor bolts, substitute the desired length for the "XX" in the Root Model Number

For a 5/8" x 18" anchor bolt, the model number would be PAB5-18 (or PAB5H-18 for high strength)