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S/HJCT-KT Steel Joist Hanger Kit w/ Screws (Carton of 5pcs)

S/HJCT-KT Steel Joist Hanger Kit w/ Screws (Carton of 5pcs)
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S/HJCT-KT Steel Joist Hanger Kit w/ Screws (Carton of 5pcs)
S/HJCT-KT Steel Joist Hanger Kit w/ Screws

The S/JCT and S/HJCT are unique, skewable steel-joist framing connectors that combine strength, versatility and low installed cost. The connectors can be used with CFS headers, wood headers, steel I-beams (with welds or PAF fasteners) and masonry walls. Installed cost is minimized since these products are shear rather than bearing connectors, eliminating the need for web stiffeners. The connectors also feature horizontal tabs that facilitate top-flange alignment and joist support during screw installation.

Key Features:

Uni-directional: Joist can be attached from left or right

One size fits joists 8" through 14" deep

Optional holes for additional load capacity

Simplicity of design

Quick and easy installation

Field-skewable up to 45 left or right


S/JCT 68 mil (14 ga.); S/HJCT 97 mil (12 ga.)




Attach hanger with specified fasteners. Use round holes for minimum load; use round and triangle holes for maximum load.

May be used for weld-on applications. The minimum required weld to the top flange is 1/8" x 2 1/2" fillet weld to each side of top flange. Consult the code for special considerations when welding galvanized steel.

May be installed using PDPAT-62KP (0.157" x 5/8") powder-actuated fasteners. SteeI headers with thicknesses between 1/4" and 3/4" having a minimum Fy = 36 ksi. A Red (level 5) or Purple (level 6) powder load may be required to achieve specified penetration (p). See installation illustration in the image gallery.

Ordering Information:

The S/JCT is sold in cartons of 50. The S/HJCT is sold in kits as the S/HJCT-KT and contains five (5) connectors and (95) #14 screws.