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SSWBS Strong Wall Anchor Bolt Stabilizer (Choose Stabilizer)

SSWBS Strong Wall Anchor Bolt Stabilizer (Choose Stabilizer)
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SSWBS Strong Wall Anchor Bolt Stabilizer (Choose Stabilizer)
SSWBS12 SSWBS15 SSWBS18 SSWBS21 SSWBS24 Strong Wall Anchor Bolt Stabilizer

The Strong-Wall anchor bolt stabilizer helps eliminate movement of anchor bolts during concrete placement. This stabilizer enables the Steel Strong-Wall (SSW) anchorage to be installed without being tied to the footing rebar cage. These anchor bolt stabilizers are designed to work in pairs and are suitable for use with all anchor template models.

Key Features

Used with SSWTEL extended leg template, allows for placement of the SSW flush to the inside face of 2x6 framed exterior walls

Different widths match SSWT anchor bolt templates

Holes to accommodate 1/2"-diameter dowels (not supplied) for stabilization


Seismic (new construction); seismic retrofit; anchorage solutions; shearwalls; wood/residential construction

Product Includes

Single anchor bolt stabilizer


14 gauge


Galvanized (G90)


Use two bolt stabilizers for each SSW anchor assembly; one at the embedded plate washer and the other above the template

Drive 1/2"-diameter dowels (not supplied) down through the bolt stabilizers and into the ground to ensure plumb installation of the anchors and prevent movement during concrete placement

Immediately following concrete placement, remove the dowels for reuse in other locations