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THGB3 Truss Girder Hanger

THGB3 Truss Girder Hanger
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THGB3 Truss Girder Hanger
THGB3 Truss Girder Hanger

These high-capacity, welded hangers are designed for attaching multi-ply girder trusses. The THGB series offers optional installation with Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws, and the bolted THGBH and THGW hangers offer higher design loads. See the THGQ/THGQH series for a lower-cost alternative that uses Strong-Drive SDS Heavy-Duty Connector screws instead of bolts and offers high-load capacities.


3 gauge


Simpson Strong-Tie Gray Paint


Use all specified fasteners; see General Notes

All multiple members must be fastened together to act as a single unit

Maximum 11 7/8" bottom chord in the carrying member to allow for the minimum bolt end distance

Bolts must be installed symmetrically when using fewer than eight bolts on the eight-bolt backplate

Girders must be adequately laterally braced to prevent excessive displacement due to secondary torsional stresses (Ref ANSI/TPI 1-2014 Section


Skewed Seat -

THGB/THGBH hangers can be skewed to a maximum of 45°. The maximum allowable down load and uplift load for skew is 0.87 of the table load.

Dropped Bucket -

THGB/THGBH backplates can be extended to allow for up to a 6" dropped bucket.

Allowable loads are 100% of the table loads.

Order as “X” version, specify the total backplate height, BK_PLT, equal to the hanger height (H) plus the dropped bucket amount (db). Ex: a THGBV3.62 /9 with a 4" dropped bucket would have a total backplate height of 27 1/4".