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THAI222 I-Joist & SCL Hanger

THAI222 I-Joist & SCL Hanger
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THAI222 I-Joist & SCL Hanger
THAI222 I-Joist & Structural Composite Lumber Hangers

Designed for I-joists, the THAI has extra-long straps and can be field-formed to give height adjustability and top-flange hanger convenience. Positive-angle nailing helps eliminate splitting of the I-joist's bottom flange.


THAI-2 — 14 gauge; all others — 18 gauge


Galvanized (G90)


Factory-order the THAI-2 for hanger width needed. See table for allowable widths.

Use all specified fasteners. Verify that the header can take the fasteners specified in the table.

Web stiffeners are required for all I-joists used with these hangers.

When a total of 20 face nails are used in THAI straps, or 30 face nails are used in THAI-2 straps, the maximum load-carrying capacity is achieved.

Reduce load given by allowable nail shear capacity for each nail less than maximum.

A minimum nailing configuration is shown for top nailing installations. The strap must be field-formed over the top of the header by a minimum of 2 1/2".

Uplift — lowest face nails must be filled to achieve uplift loads.