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WP210-2 Welded Top Flange Joist Hanger

WP210-2 Welded Top Flange Joist Hanger
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WP210-2 Welded Top Flange Joist Hanger
WP210-2 Welded Top Flange Joist Hanger

The WP is designed to support joists on purlins or beams and may be used for wood-to-wood or wood-to-steel applications. This top-flange hanger offers exceptional flexibility and versatility with the ability to be skewed up to 84° and/or sloped to a maximum of 45°.

The WP is an economical choice with a low installed cost requiring a small number of nails for maximum downloads.

Key Features

Highly modifiable with alteration options including opened/closed top flange and offset top flange

Top flange may be sloped to a maximum of 35° to accommodate a sloped header

Features a solid one-piece top flange that provides extra stability in panelized roof applications


Stirrup — 97 mil (12 ga.)


Simpson Strong-Tie® gray paint. Some models available hot-dip galvanized; specify HDG. See Corrosion Information. Installation

Use all specified fasteners.

The WP may be used for weld-on applications. The minimum-size weld is a 1 1/2"-long fillet weld to each side of the top flange; weld size to match hanger material thickness. See General Instructions for the Installer, note k for weld information. Weld-on applications have the maximum allowable capacity listed. Uplift loads do not apply to this application.

Non-modified hangers can support joists sloped up to 1/4 :12 using table loads. For joists sloping between 1/4 :12 and 3/4 :12 use 85% of the table loads. See technical bulletin Sloped Joist in Non-Sloped Hangers (T-C-SLOPEJST).

Web stiffeners are required for these hangers.

If joist is shorter than hanger by more than 1/2" use only 50% of the table loads.